January 2013

Our personal trading emotional dollar values

Hi This is my response to a post that a trader who I have some regard for made on his blog about the what happened when he got upset about losing a larger and larger amount of money when his stop loss is hit. Apparently it became such an uncomfortable experience that he forgot all […]

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How does our Biology effect our trading

How can erroneous decisions made by one individual total billions of dollars in damages for his or her firm? John Coates, a former Wall Street trader and author of the book “The Hour Between Dog and Wolf,” says biology plays a central role in the infamous trading scandals. We are quite sure that our individual […]

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Forex Pip Spreads

One of the big challenges we traders face with all types of trading is commission costs , gaps and in the case of forex (fx) trading “Forex Pip Spreads” Fluctuations which of course becomes our brokers cost per trade that they are effectively charging us to cover their cost of doing business and to make […]

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