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Norm Halletts Simple Trading Plans

Simple Trading Plans .. FREE 3 part video course by Norman Hallett to help you keep your trading plans SIMPLE (and profitable!). These 3-videos where Norm explains .. (How he Enters, Exits and Preserves Profits with Simple Trading Plans) are NOW POSTED…   I’m rapt  to bring this to you as I am so pleased […]

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Our Trading Psychology & Mental State when Trading Forex

Is our Trading Psychology / Mental State important when Trading I believe that our Trading Psychology / Mental State has and overall 80% (The 80/20 rule coming into play here) bearing on our ability to be Consistently Profitable which really means = Successful Trading If we struggle to make consistent profits — or even worse, […]

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Winning Trades System Launch special offer

Hi Traders, Winning Trade System Today is your last chance to grab Eric & Daves new system before the price doubles: Whilst I’m a pretty good trader now in my own right to get to this point I have had to invest in Sooooo many trading systems, Mentors and Teachers Eric and Dave are two […]

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Difference between Risk & Money Management

Hi all here’s another another 4 minute drill from Norm Hallett Where he summaries Paul Kings thoughts on the difference between Trading Risk and Trading Money Management We say these two issues go hand in hand and that they MUST complement each other Risk and Money Management According to Paul King – Week 70 Hello […]

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TDTrader live results to end 18-08-2012

It’s fair to say the last 3 weeks loses of TDTraders live results have been both hard on the pocket and also very-very humbling We have managed to stall the rot for now after making a few adjustments which resulted in a break even result for the week which an acceptable turnaround compared to the […]

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