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Whilst I’m a pretty good trader now in my own right to get to this point I have had to invest in Sooooo
winning trades system launchmany trading systems, Mentors and Teachers
Eric and Dave are two that I have got Real value from and the following is some detail from Eric about it and how it has got to where it is now

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The following is a very long post but really worth reading but if you a in a hurry

Please at least go check it out, and see what you think using the link just above here.

If there was a way for you to make thousands a month WITHOUT:
1) a Product
2) a List
3) Employees
4) Major Overhead
5) Marketing

Would you be interested?

If you’re a skeptical person like me, you might doubt that such a system even exists.

However, I’m here to tell you that it does exist. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and when I saw what one of my mentors Dave was

doing with it, I knew I had to partner with him on it so I could bring it to you.

It’s not M.L.M or any type of scheme that you may have seen before that involves a lot of work online or offline.

Every day Dave opens up a program on his computer and basically collects money– often up to $2000 a day — and it usually

only takes him 15 minutes then he’s off to the golf course, or shopping with his wife, or whatever.

This is NOT PPC or any type of Internet marketing.

It’s a simple business, and like every business it does have some risk – but the risk is easily managed as you’ll see.

So let me tell you how and why I found this system…

I started my Internet business in 1999 and it has been a wild ride.

It took me a few years to discover how to earn a full time income, and a few more years to get to where I am today. Now I

can work as little as I want, and my business basically runs on autopilot.

But building it was HARD work. Over the years I’ve spent many sleepless nights working on my business, and I’ve sacrificed

other areas of my life for periods of time to “get ahead” in this business.

I’ve been blessed to have achieved some of my financial goals, and that this business has enabled me to shape the kind of

lifestyle that I wanted.

But then I had another problem- I found myself with some money in the bank earning 0.001% interest a year – so I thought to

myself that there must be a BETTER place I could put my money where it could work as hard as I do.

Believe me, I looked at all sorts of places to invest my money. I read books, and did research. I “thought” I had a grasp

on the concept of investing.

Unfortunately, I really hadn’t done enough research and due diligence. Between 2006 and 2008, I ended up pouring much of my

hard earned wealth into “investments” that failed miserably, and in some cases ended up being flat-out scams.

That’s part of why I put so much emphasis in Lesson #6, when I said that the Investor quadrant is for everyone. You need to

be a student of it, or you will most likely lose your money at some point.

So I decided to start trading the stock market in my spare time, and learn all about the market. I liked that I was able to

have a lot of control over it, rather than handing my money over to someone else.

It went great for awhile. I seemed to have a knack for picking good stocks, and I was able to increase my portfolio in many

cases daily.

But then I made some bad picks. I was cruising along doing just fine, and then… WHAM! I took a series of big losses.

I learned the lesson that virtually all stock traders learn sooner or later. You can not accurately predict the direction

of an individual stock every time.

So I tried some “safer” investment vehicles like mutual funds and ETF’s. I will tell you, mutual funds can be a great tool

for the average investor, BUT… they are not as safe as you may think.

If the market goes down, your mutual fund portfolio (most people’s IRA’s) is going to tank. Most investment professionals

will tell you that’s OK, just stick with it because the market will go back up eventually. However, I don’t think we have

any guarantees of what the market will do in the coming years and decades.

I do believe the stock market will still be around a century from now, but I don’t have much faith that it will grow

according to the schedule that the so-called experts would lead you to believe.

Yet in spite of my losses in the market, I knew that there had to be a better way. I knew that there were a group of

“elite” traders out there who were making a killing even though the masses were losing money.

Serendipitously, the answer came from a fellow Internet marketer. My friend David Vallieres had experienced similar

pitfalls as an investor. After losing his shirt as a casual trader, he spent over 20 years in search of the perfect system.

He wanted to find out how the elite traders invested in stocks and options – not as a stupid retail investor who is a lamb

waiting to be slaughtered, but as an insider who knows how to make money every month and build equity in their business.

I know from my experience with Internet marketing that there are those who think they know something and those who REALLY

DO know something.

There are also those who are making a killing and not telling anyone HOW they do it. The knowledge of success, while not

totally hidden was almost impossible to discover, because those who are really, really successful are generally NOT

teachers – they DO, not teach.

There are maybe a handful of guys who really KNOW and TEACH. And Dave was determined to find those people and learn from


So here’s what Dave did…

He went to seminars that cost $3000 then another that cost $5000 and while he did learn some interesting things – NONE of

them taught him how to make money every month, build wealth and do it without watching his computer all day and without

worrying that he would get wiped out in the market, and certainly not how to trade as a real business.

A REAL business operates by the numbers:

Conversion ratios, profit and loss numbers, etc…

That’s the kind of business he wanted to create using stocks and options as his ‘product’.

Building such a business was considered ‘impossible’ by the majority of retail traders – only “hedge’ funds and market

makers KNEW how to run a profitable investment BUSINESS.

Fortunately Dave was ignorant and didn’t listen to the retail brokers who said it was impossible. He continued on his

quest, and finally found a couple of guys who knew the secrets he was looking for.

He found a method of running a REAL investment business, and starting with just $1600 of capital he made $1200 every 3

weeks over and over and over again.

He traded, like all good businesses, by supplying demand and making a profit… and managed the business based only on the

numbers. It is now a REAL business that spits out consistent profits…

Once he figured this out he started making INSANE amounts of money – 30%, 40%, 50% on his capital in a matter of a few

weeks… and it was easy to set up and manage in just 15 minutes a day.

Dave has used this business to replace his Internet marketing income. Over the past years, Dave made over a million dollars

as an Internet marketer, but the trading business takes much less time and gives him much more flexibility to live the

lifestyle he wants. He can now essentially write his own paychecks.

This is exactly the kind of system I was looking for, and I’m happy to share it with you today.

You can get all the details at:

Dave and Eric’s Trading System…

Please at least go check it out, and see what you think.

As Dave so eloquently says… this is something you can pass on to your children and grandchildren.

We believe that less than 1% of traders even know about this type of trading, so you’re really getting something rare.

The market has been doing some crazy things in recent weeks. Fortunes were lost, and millionaires were made at the same

time. That’s why you need a system that will allow you to profit from the market regardless of whether it goes up or down.

View the Winning Trade System…

Thanks for checking it out.

The special 7-day launch sale price ENDS TODAY, so be sure to grab this today if you want it.

Have a great day!

Kind Regards

Ps….Yes I do own TheTradingProSystem, TheWinningTradeSystem and I’m a member of TheDailyMarketAdvantage

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