From time to time I participate in trading competitions

The Sure Fire Trading Challenge v6 .. SFTCV6

..  is about to start again very soon. (register here between the 16th January 2013 to 14 February 2013) and we will be entering again.  So to see how we progress just go here to get you to the Sure Fire Trading Challenge V6    home / updates page Or Go here to see our SFTCV6 update posts    

This is how we went in the SFTCv5

My preliminary results at the end of the current SureFireTradingChallenge V5 Finishing position 34th out of 2893 registered challenges…putting us in the top 4% of traders Starting bank $1,000 Finish         1,665 profit           665   for the month %                66.5% wins             50    nearly 50% losses           55    5 losses on the last day For more updates take a look here

Sure fire trading challenge ….posts