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Here we look into trade management,trade risk management,trade money management,stop losses,position sizing,protecting your trading capital and what type of trading method may suit you ? etc

Our Trading Psychology & Mental State when Trading Forex

Is our Trading Psychology / Mental State important when Trading I believe that our Trading Psychology / Mental State has and overall 80% (The 80/20 rule coming into play here) bearing on our ability to be Consistently Profitable which really means = Successful Trading If we struggle to make consistent profits — or even worse, […]

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Our Trading results and our Lifestyle

Hi traders Our Trading results and our Lifestyle If we take a serious look at how we trade it is very likely that our trading and our results have some serious parallels with the rest of our lifestyle What a great place to start from regarding the “All Important Psychological” aspect of trading Think about […]

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A new 4 minute drill on Profit Drawdowns

Well… we recon Norms right on the money here with his suggested guidelines but we also acknowledge that sometimes in the real world of trading things can get worse. Keep Drawdowns to a Minimum – Week 71 Posted by Norman Hallett • 11 Comments X Hello there! If you are new here, you might want […]

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Difference between Risk & Money Management

Hi all here’s another another 4 minute drill from Norm Hallett Where he summaries Paul Kings thoughts on the difference between Trading Risk and Trading Money Management We say these two issues go hand in hand and that they MUST complement each other Risk and Money Management According to Paul King – Week 70 Hello […]

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