SureFireTrading Challenge

The SureFireTrading Challenge where thousands of traders compete using their own systems in the Forex market

SFTCv5 Rap Up

TheDreamingTrader SureFire Trading Challenge V5 Live round update Well the wonderful opportunity to be part of the Sure Fire Trading V5 challenge has come to an end. Over the last week I slowly worked my way up to the top of the losers….But unfortunately my last massive push to try and breach the gap from […]

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SureFireTradingChallengeV5 Live Round Update

SureFireTradingChallengeV5 Live Round Update So 1stly I made it through to the top 50 qualifiers in the latest Surefire Forex Trading Challenge Demo round V5 (Run over 5 weeks) out of some 2,800 registrants (about 2,400 actually competed) Here is the link to the home page Here is the link to the top 50 […]

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SureFireTradingChallenge V5 update

Hi We have just cracked the + plus 80% profit for the month in the latest SFTCv5 Forex Trading Challenge… Amazing even though this is an outstanding result there are still over 100 participants ahead of us …in fact The leader is on +plus 960% and the contestant in 50th place is on + plus […]

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