Trading Psychology

Our mental-psychological & personal discipline is really the holly grail to our becoming a consistentlyl successfull trader

Norm Halletts Simple Trading Plans

Simple Trading Plans .. FREE 3 part video course by Norman Hallett to help you keep your trading plans SIMPLE (and profitable!). These 3-videos where Norm explains .. (How he Enters, Exits and Preserves Profits with Simple Trading Plans) are NOW POSTED…   I’m rapt  to bring this to you as I am so pleased […]

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Our Trading Psychology & Mental State when Trading Forex

Is our Trading Psychology / Mental State important when Trading I believe that our Trading Psychology / Mental State has and overall 80% (The 80/20 rule coming into play here) bearing on our ability to be Consistently Profitable which really means = Successful Trading If we struggle to make consistent profits — or even worse, […]

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Time perspective effects on current decisions

Does time perspective issues effect our immediate Forex trading decisions In this video Phillip Zimbardo outlines how Time perspective effects current decisions.    Yeap,  I know he isn’t talking about Fx trading but I recon it does …. what do you think ? TDT … The Dreaming Trader

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Jeff’s Dumb Ass Trading Mistake

Thirty Million Trading In 1 Year A True Story (via Podcast: Play in new window | Download Podcast 5: The true story of the $30,000,000 trader and why I was a major “Dumb Ass”. I’ve made a lot of trading mistakes in my trading career and this maybe one of the most embarrassing . […]

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Trading Gurus and Trading Systems scams

Hi Are all these so called Trading Guru’s that keep pushing out new system after new trading systems that are largely promoted by a hard core group of other so called Trading Guru’s basically scams Well from our experience this is a very real But difficult subject to deal with as some of the so […]

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