Trading Gurus and Trading Systems scams


Are all these so called Trading Guru’s that keep pushing out new system after new trading systems that are largely promoted by a hard core TDT are all trading gurus and trading systems scams ?group of other so called Trading Guru’s basically scams
Well from our experience this is a very real But difficult subject to deal with as some of the so called GURUs have indeed been around a long time and continue to be around not hiding and do put out worthwhile products and services, so I feel we must be just a little careful and not broad brush all the so called GURUs as scams

But it is fair to say many are over priced for what they are (I know having spent many 10’s of thousands over the years on various systems and programs
Of which many work but do/did not suit me….
But of course one has to try the system/method to find out if it does … How else will you ever know ?

This is one of the main issues with becoming a consistently successful trader …finding a system / method that suits you as an individual ..

your trading capital .. and where you are based in the world because of the time frames involved

eg …The major markets may be open when you should be sleeping

Often we blame the system/method for failing when indeed the real reason for it failing is staring right back at us in the mirror every day

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