Our Trading Psychology & Mental State when Trading Forex

Is our Trading Psychology / Mental State important when Trading

I believe that our Trading Psychology / Mental State has and overall 80% (The 80/20 rule coming into play here) bearing on our ability to be Consistently Profitable which really means = Successful Trading

If we struggle to make consistent profits — or even worse,
if we frequently get hit with big losses or even big losses every now and then even after trading really well for some extended period of time–

Then Norman Hallett at The Disciplined Trader has something that may help turn things around for you right now…

Need proof? Then think about this, If we have been trading for any time at all then we have obviously got a good trading plan in place, right?

So does our plan/systems/method/money management deliver consistent trading success?

If the answer is “no”, do we know why not ?

Here’s the thing… there are dozens or even hundreds of trading plans out there. And lots of them should work…. But ?

If a trading plan doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily our fault, because….
Maybe we have just got the wrong plan for our personality, or maybe our emotions get the best of us at critical points during our trading sessions.

Whats The Problem With most of our Trading Plans ??

We Don’t Follow It.

We jump out of trades because we get nervous. We ignore what
our system is telling us then bought before we should have.
We have missed trades and got into others we should have run
from. We have used the wrong lot sizes. Why ?

There’s only one way to know for sure if our lack of success is due to a bad plan… or a plan that isn’t suited to our personality…

…or something else entirely different ??…

Theses whys ? are tackled in Norm Halletts  The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit

Which is where you get the full nine yards including all the hard copy stuff delivered to your door (Like I did)

by going here for $1,197.00

The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit

But you can now go here to get the NEW online Monthly Membership version for a measly $29.00 month

New Monthly Disciplined Trader Online Membership

which tackles our lack of performance tracking over a number of these WHY issues

JOURNALING will reveal the reasons we struggle faster than any other thing we can do as a trader.

Consistent Journaling will save us from a whole host of problems.

==>It keeps us on track during market fluctuations
==>It helps us spot holes in our trading strategy
==>It helps us spot weaknesses in our trading plan
==>It improves our ability to react quickly and decisively in uncertain conditions

But we need to know….
==> What and What NOT to keep in our journal…
==> How to journal our trades like the pros…
==> How to track our emotions…
==> How to maintain momentum and when to walk away before taking huge losses…
==> And much more.

And the best way I know to rapidly improve our journaling is by example and there are 97 included in the Kit. The entries are detailed. Some are even a little embarrassing.
Plus The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit has other …

Core Training …Such as how to transform the way we think and react to market conditions and the signals we get from your trading plan telling us to initiate or exit a trade.
Advanced Training
How to Strengthen our “inner game” with simple exercises we can do anywhere to develop true “ice-water-in-the-veins” discipline in any market scenario.

I don’t know about you but I seem to have to learn different things in different ways eg. Some things I learn better from the computer, some from real books/paper work, some from Video and then again some from simply listening. Usually I find having a combination available the best so I can pick and choose. Well The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit™ has got it covered and is delivered directly to you — fully accessible via immediate online delivery… and in a complete at home version shipped to arrive at your door as well.

What’s more, you can do it on your own schedule. All the sessions are pre-recorded so you can access them at your convenience. No meetings or online webinars to attend if you don’t want to.

Take a look here to see if you think it’s got what you need to help

The Standard Full nine yards hard copy version

The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit


New Monthly Disciplined Trader Online Membership


… It might be the missing link to get started or back on the right track…

To your trading success,

Kevin (TheDreamingTrader) Harper
Wheeeeewww that is a long post but it had to be said

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