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About TheDreamingTrader

Kevin Harper AKA TheDreamingTrader

Kevin Harper AKA TheDreamingTrader

The Dreaming Trader  (Kevin”Zach”Harper)  lives in New Zealand “Aotearoa”  the land of the long white cloud and began trading back in 2007 with a focus on the futures “E”mini Trading

But after initially having some success hit the wall like most new (Newbie) traders do.

This caused a major rethink about what was potentially the best way forward based on the lessons learnt the hard way up until that point.

One of the Big Lessons he felt he had learned was that it was better to be able to trade with a real $ money live account than a Demo account if possible…as there is such a Mental difference between Live and Demo Trading.

So after looking at and spending many thousands of dollars $’s purchasing more & more Trading Systems and Methods (And trying heaps of Free Trading Systems) it was decided that FOREX TRADING had the best all round flexibility.

TheDreamingTrader does not profess to be a Trading Guru by any stretch of the imagination but feels he now has at least some worth while input to offer.

His basic trading mantra is

  • There is no Holly Trading Grail ….The holly Grail is You
  • Therefore we must put enormous effort into finding what Trading Type Personality and our Real risk tolerances are
  • Then build a trading method / plan around them (Yes there is a difference between a system/method & a plan
  • Ohhhh….Did we mention….BE PATIENT….yes that’s right….BE PATIENT

His trading has now progressed to a state where he has more profit than loss weeks and the aim is to keep it that way and improve even further by fine tuning, continued research and sharing

Part of that progress is the building of this website..

So Why Fx Trading (Foreign Exchange Trading) ?

  • Very low capital requirements to get trading live (Compared with Futures & Options Trading)
  • Much greater flexibility in terms of the hours available to trade (Not just when the US market is open)
  • Can invest (risk) a very small amount (Lot size) on any given trade if required instead of a Demo account
  • Wide range of Brokers, Trading Platforms and data feeds available (Both live & Demo accounts)
  • Wide selection of currency Pairs to select the ones that best suit your personal trading style / method / time zone etc

So why TheDreamingTrader Website ?

Well there are several reasons

  • To create a place where he and hopefully others can share and express all things trading
  • To offer sound trading advice, recommendations, general rants and news on all things trading (learn’t the hard way and from others ) ………. It is a major concern is that there is such a lot of B’s and mis-information out there
  • To start a members area with different levels of content
  • To start a Very Private Investment Club (by invite only)
  • By exposing his results x way of weekly (most probably) trading results, that will in turn keep him more focused and on track on a daily basis…We will be tracking both Live real $ accounts and Demos  (Yes there is a place for Demo trading, mainly for testing ideas and back testing) …so when you see a demo account consistently out performing (or at least consistently performing like) your live account(s) it makes sense to add it to your overall trading strategy / plan
  • Hopefully this site will help many traders in some way to achieving the level of success they are aiming for through the content, suggestions and generally joining in on the site

So please feel welcome to join in, take an interest and hopefully in some small way together we can help all of us with our trading.

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