TDTrader Live Trading Results

TheDreaminingTraders (TDTrader )Live

Weekly & Accumulated trading % results…

These are based on the Weekly Profit & Loss % returns and

the accumulated % running returns on our live account since the beginning of may 2012

  • To weeks end 18-08-2012

At least we stopped the rot this week hence the blue tick and not a red cross










Phewwww….It has been very tough going lately and at least we didn’t cop a loss this week

It’s fair to say the last 3 weeks loses have been both hard on the pocket and also very-very humbling

It really does feel like a bit of a public flogging with no where to hid…

One of the main reasons for posting these results is to increase accountability, personal motivation,improve our overall trade management etc and ultimately trust whilst hopefully other traders may learn something from the exercise as well

The main thing we adjusted overall this week was to make our stop loses a little bigger again as we noticed that we had slipped back more into our previous tighter stops eg 10 to 20 pips ways… Which is way to tight most of the time especially when you are not able to monitor the trade almost constantly as we use to


  • To weeks end 11-08-2012
  • OuchOuch
  • Ouch-Ouch-Ouch 3 red x’s (losing weeks in a row)











What can you say… This is becoming like a Public Flogging

Very humbling indeed

Going to have to take stock in a big way to try and asses what is going wrong


  • To weeks end 04-08-2012
  • Ouch 2 red x’s (losing weeks in a row)












OUCH.!.!     Another really tough week…

Reached our (Very Important Trading Rule) % loss % maximum permissible weekly loss level again and had to stop trading again

Got whipsawed to death this week …No excuses

so once again we have some work to do to regain our past profit level

(It happens) but have to admit it is tougher than normal at the moment

But overall we are still tracking in the right direction so have to hang tough


  • To weeks end 28-07-2012

TDT weekly results to the end of 28072012 takes a hit

Well that was a tough week…Just ended up on the wrong side of most of the

bigger moves all week

Because we live down under it means that we are not trading (Sleeping)

when a lot of the bigger moves happen during the Eur/Us  trading sessions

This is something we just have to find a way around that works for us down

here in this part of the world

We had to stop trading when we reached our maximum permissible

(Very Important Trading Rule) % loss % for the week

so once again we have some work to do to regain our past profit level

(It happens)

But overall we are still tracking in the right direction

  •  Up to the end of  week ending on the 21-07-2012

chart of TheDreamingTraders live trades to weeks end 21/07/2012

As can be seen it is not perfect and there was one week in

particular where we really struggled .

The main thing that illustrates is how hard it is to recover

after your trading bank takes a sizable hit and how important

it is to have a maximum loss that you are prepared to take in

any given period


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