Forex Trendy Scanner

Forex Currency Trending pairs found here

Here is a wonderful Forex Charts Trend Scanning service that we are now using to save us heaps of time to identify which FOREX pair(s) we are interested in trading and which of our methods we will use to trade them

So just click here or the Forex Trendy images to find out more

Now we are not sure about you, but trying to keep track of which Forex Currency pairs are trending or in consolidation over a multitude of time frames is a nightmare (If you trade more than one or maybe two pairs that is ?)


Forex Trendy
Forex Trendy Auto Trend Tracking


This is the best solution we have found so far or are we missing something out there ?


This chart scanning service can be used as a method of trading in its self  or it can be used like we do to compliment and strengthen your existing forex trading methods or systems