Our Trading results and our Lifestyle

Hi traders

Our Trading results and our Lifestyle

If we take a serious look at how we trade it is very likely that our trading and our results have some serious parallels with the rest of our lifestyle
What a great place to start from regarding the “All Important Psychological” aspect of trading
Think about it we are all wired so differently plus we have the other very important trading issues to fit into our own personal psychological trading puzzle
..eg Time available to trade, Capital available to trade with and of course what part of the world do we live in and how does that work in with the best times to trade your method of choice (Or even available to us)

From my perspective there is a place for all kinds of trading styles / methods the key is managing them in a way to suit us…
For example if one is an aggressive scalping type trader please ,please pick the best few hours a day to trade ..and then Quit for the day regardless of the current win / loss situation at the time. This will be good for your bank balance,your health and your lifestyle.

Now many Trading coaches and mentors say that trading the larger time frames is the “only” way to trade but as I have just pointed out above that just dosn’t suit everybody or there general situation….So please,please consider that generally good well meaning advice very carefully before committing to it. For some traders waiting for a trade entry setup for days or even weeks is just as or more stressful for them than going hard out on most days for a few hours.

The Key like most things in life is moderation and managing the process to suit your trading personality for Stress Free Trading

The best course I have found (So far) on the all important Trading Psychology / mental side of trading is

Norm Halletts The Disciplined Trader for our trading results and our lifestyle

What do you guys think about the Huge trading psychology, mental side of trading subject ??

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